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Christening Gowns

Custom christening gowns have been development and grown over the years, a skill I am constantly learning and are such a joy to work on. I offer multiple services for christening gowns please see below for outlines on all of these.


Please note the term ‘Christening Gown’ is used throughout the page, there is no limitation on what religious gown or gown that can be created. I would love to talk and discuss with you on the kind and type of gown you would like created and work with you to create something that is for your religion and occasion.


Custom Christening Gowns

Do you have a gown in mind you would like created just for you? If this be one you can’t quite find anywhere else or you have an idea and would like certain materials and elements incorporated.

Get in touch with your ideas, making sure to add any details, sizes and timeframe so I can get back to you with quotes and to discuss further. There is no limitation on material, colour or size and I am always keen to hear your ideas.

Embroidered Christening Gowns

This option is for gowns that have hand embroidered elements. Having a gown made and embroidered and embellished, if this be with whitework techqniues, appliqué or beading. The possibilities are endless and you will be involved in every step of the way. These are packed full of detail, time and will be personalised and unique to you. A heirloom that could be used time and time again. Get in touch will your ideas and information, if this be an idea, style and make sure to include size and timescale for a custom quote. These will fully depend on the amount of hand embroidery used, pieces can start from £100 up to £600/700. 


Wedding Dress to Christening Gown

Have your wedding dress transformed into a christening gown! Using your dress we will create a fully personalised gown to either a specific size or a general size.  Wedding dresses are precious and hold such special memories, we’ll start off by talking, going through your ideas and what you have in mind.

Once we’ve made all the decisions I will send through the address for you to send your wedding dress to or for you to drop off. You can send your dress however suits you if you are posting, posting back to you will be discussed upon ordering. All dresses will need to be dry cleaned (or throughly cleaned) before sending, that way I can get the most out of your dress and not have to work around marks etc. I’ll then start working on your gown, I’ll keep you updated along the way and send photos throughout. making sure everything is perfect and you’re a key part of the process. Wait time will be confirmed upon ordering, if you’re needing this for certain date make sure to write this is the contact form.

Included in the price is any extras if  desired, a hanging stuffed heart decoration made for you as a small keepsake. We can discuss if you want anything else made, if this be more hearts, headbands, bows, bouquet wraps etc. At no extra cost on request I will make Angel gowns from your dress scraps that can be gifted to your maternity unit. Or if you’d like the excess from your gown returned to you as it is as fabric! I’d love to hear any ideas that you have. The price for a conversion is £100 with postage if required added on. Get in touch via my contact form, I look forward to hearing from you!


I am also happy to consult on any repairs to gowns and replicas you’d like to have. I have completed a replica embroidered christening gown through images and now will be used for many generations to come.

Working from old photos to create a design as close as possible, all discussed throughly. These will be done free of charge, we only progress to payment if the design/gown will go ahead.


Pet Portraits

Hand embroidered portraits from singular to multiple, patches and sweatshirts. 


Personalised Pieces

I offer a large range of personalised pieces, here you’ll find the full product catalogue.


Embroidery Kits

Learn hand embroidery with my original Embroidery Kits.

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