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Personalised Embroidery

Here you will find my Personalised Embroidery products! Each with direct links to purchase and explanations on each products and the process. How to order, timeframe and what I will need from you. Each piece is unique and I will be in touch with you throughout the process! 

If you like a product but would like a change to it/alternative send me a message to discuss! 


Hand Embroidered Landscape

Have a landscape transformed into a hand embroidered piece, if this be a favourite place, somewhere important or a place you’ve longed to visit.

Using your photos I’ll use a range of embroidery stitches to replicate the place, we can add writing, dates or any other details.



Outline Embroidered Venue

Have a venue recreated in this classic line art style. Using just black thread to create an instantly recognisable piece of a special place. Mounted over card so they can be easily displayed.



Drawing Embroidered Replica

Using a photograph, scan or copy of an original drawing I will create it using stitch. Depending on the drawing it will depend on what colour, stitch and fabric will be used. This will be discussed with you directly! 


Hand Embroidered Ultrasounds

Working directly with your ultrasound scan I will create a personalised hand embroidered piece, making sure to pay close attention to every inch of your scan.
Using a range of hand embroidery stitches on black cotton fabric and will be mounted in an embroidery hoop. Choose from a range of sizes, we can even add writing onto the hoop or a have your hoop coloured.



Hand Embroidered Stadium

Have a favourite team or sport? Then Hand Embroidered Stadiums make the perfect gift or to be displayed in your own home. Using photos, a replica is made using hand embroidery in this black outline style that you can see above. Any team and any sport! 


Custom Orders

Have an idea for an embroidery? Send me a message! I accept custom orders and love to hear your ideas. I’ve done a range of custom orders, from embroidered wedding ideas to 3D generational portraits like the photo above.I will always discuss fully the process, if this is by giving quotes, time frames, payments and shipping! 


Hand Embroidered Venue

The perfect gift for a loved one, wedding or even for your own home! Have a venue turned into an embroidery.

Mounted over card these can be added into frames and be a memory captured and on display. These pieces are full of texture and character!



Hand writing Embroidered Replica

Using a scan, photocopy or photograph i will recreate hand writing into a hand embroidered piece. Making sure the piece is accurate as possible to the original hand writing. Mounted over thin card so it can be displayed in a shop bought hoop! 


Pet Portraits

Hand embroidered portraits from singular to multiple, patches and sweatshirts. 


Christening Gowns

Have your wedding dress transformed into a custom christening gown.


Embroidery Kits

Learn hand embroidery with my original Embroidery Kits.

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