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Pet Portraits

Capturing your pets in thread.

Below you will find the full range of hand embroidered pet portraits I currently offer. See each items for full price details, listings and how it works! Your photos are the most important aspect of any portraits, to capture your pets fully and their character.

Here are some tips to capturing/ selecting photos for a portrait:

  • Make sure you take in natural light, this will help identify the colours in your pet.

  • Try take at eye level, this is a flattering angle for your pet!

  • Take as high quality as possible! Most modern phones have great cameras!

  • Send multiple through to me, I can never have enough to help with texture, colouring, characteristics of your pet etc.


Seascapes Collection

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


Christening Gowns

Have your wedding dress transformed into a custom christening gown.


Embroidery Kits

Learn hand embroidery with my original Embroidery Kits.

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