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Seascapes Collection

The Seascapes Collection is a growing and evolving hand embroidery collection. Made using real sea shells collected  from the uk and incorporated with embroidery. Using stump work and threadpainting techniques to create a dynamic art piece that captures the essence of sea that fits in the palm of your hand.

In this collection you’ll find a range of smaller pieces approximately 3 inches and some gradually larger unto 7 inch pieces. Freestanding pieces as well as hooped in classic blues and moving into a range of other colour palettes.


The inspiration for this series came from a visit to a beach in wales, one I visited many times as a child. I had collected shells first, such a massive variety, the colours, textures and all from this one place. I was surrounded  by inspiration and I had so much curiosity to explore and see what this beach and nature had to offer.

To work with these and stitch them hadn’t even crossed my mind at this point, I didn’t collect the shells with ideas in mind and pieces planned. It wasn’t until I got home that the idea came. I poured out and explored the shells and the idea sparked, I spent hours on the first piece and didn’t share it for months after it was completed. After I eventually shared the piece it was then I started to expand and develop the collection and stitch with a huge variety of shells.

This is where the experimental shell kit came from, I had so much interest and attention from people wanting to stitch with shells. This was an easy way for me to share this idea without it being too technical. I will be sharing in more depth this technique in the future, either in kit form or in another!

You can buy original shell art from my Etsy shop, you’ll find the direct link below with the current ones available. For custom request on seascapes please contact me via my contact page.


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Embroidery Kits

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